Fiji and Hawaii and Bali

Hi Guys and welcome back to my blog!
This blog is about three places I recommend you go on your next holiday...

I recommend Fiji because it's an amazing tropical paradise where it is always so nice and warm. The Fijians are lovely and they always greet you with a smile and say bula (which means hello). If you go to Fiji I recommend you stay at The Sheraton on Denarau Island or the Marriott in Momi Bay. Definitely go for a snorkelling day trip because the water is warm and the fish are so colourful! Another great thing about Fiji are the beaches which are stunningly beautiful.

I recommend Hawaii because it is a bunch of tropical islands. The main one is Honolulu which basically just looks like a big city. I have only been to Honolulu and Kona. Kona is a small island but is still really pretty. The water in Hawaii is beautiful and it's so refreshing and very clear. The Hawaii Ironman takes place in Kona every year and attacts lots of tourists. The mountains in Honolulu are amazing and you can do helicopter rides over them. If you go to Honolulu I recommend you go to Pearl Harbour (if you don't know what Pearl Harbour is search it on google).

I also recommend Bali because it is just a beautiful place to go. I would say the best hotel to stay at is Hard Rock Hotel. Hard Rock Hotel is amazing and the pools are so much fun and the activities make you squeal with excitement. The beaches in a also very nice at night - you should go to the beach and watch the sunset as it's absolutely stunning! One last place you should go to in Bali is water bomb park. Water bomb park is a park with lots of waterslides and fun activities for all ages.

Hope this gave you some great ideas where your next holiday is going to be!



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