Update on...

Hey guys welcome back!
Sorry i haven't posted in a while i have been extremely busy. Todays post will be really different, because i will be giving you an update on everything thats been happening lately and other random things.
As you may know i live in Australia which is why i may post this while your sleeping or you might also live in Australia and see this now. But i have been really busy lately with school, my acting career  and my modelling career, being a model and actress means i have to try and be noticed by a lot of people to get work. Which means that takes up a lot of time and leaves me no time to write these posts so I'm really sorry about that and I'm sorry for not posting regually because it is a lot of work. But when i do have some spare time i spend it practicing netball, dance, makeup and writing. But in two days I'm going to bali for two weeks so i don't know if i will be busy or not but what i do know is some mornings i have a little bit of time to write so yeah. And i just want to address something i am a young teenager not an adult or nearly an adult. πŸ’ BUT i love you all to bits πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’žfrom ya girl.
Sie xox


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