Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog!!!
Today's post is a little bit different. Since Coachella just passed I am going to give you some ideas for next time! Hope you enjoy!

The face!
So first you do your foundation how you would normally do it. Then do your bronzer and make sure that it is all blended in nicely. With your highlighter I recommend making it really pop to get a stand out affect.

For the eyes I recommend making them stand out so this is what I would do. Start of with a light brown then add a little pink (or any color you think will stand out) and now before you do the shimmer affect do a nice big cat flick, then you add some white shimmer.

For the lips I would do a nice bright lipstick of your choice.

The extras!
For the extras I recommend getting some jewels and sticking them under your eye in a pattern. I do not just recommend doing a pattern on your face, however you could do it on your collar bone or your arm and legs. The options are endless!

Thankyou so much for reading!!
...Sie xo


  1. ohh I wish I could go to Coachella , anyway thanks for the ideas


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