DIY Beach and jungle in a bottle

Hey guys and welcome back!!!
Today's post is a DIY that is really cute and a fun activity to do with kids.

Beach in a bottle!!

What you need:
A mason jar

What to do:
So first make sure your mason jar is clean. Then add sand but make sure it doesn't fill to the top. Then on top of the sand add a couple shells (coloured and bright if possible). There you have it, a beach in the bottle!!

Jungle in a bottle!!!

What you need:
Tiny sticks

What to do:
First add the dirt in the bottom of the jar. Then you add a layer of grass, and in the grass put sticks every where. It should look like a layer of dirt a thin layer of grass some sticks poking out of the grass.

Hope that gave you good ideas for your next product!
...Sie xo


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