Fashion in winter

Hi guys  and welcome back!!!
In this blog post I will be talking about fashion in winter. I am not saying you have to wear the outfits I suggest as they are just ideas to help you. I will start from the top of your outfit and work down to the bottom.

The messy bun!
These days girls basically just throw there hair up into a messy bun before they leave to go places. I honestly think it's just nice and easy and it goes with every winter outfit. Another easy winter hairstyle is a high pony which can be messy or neat and again goes with everything. Especially jumpers, jackets, scarves & beanies...

The top half!
I would say you should wear whatever makes you feel comfy, yeah it may not be the latest trends but as long as it's comfy you have my approval. The latest trends for jumpers are loose and baggy. Or lots of layers. Layer it up with a cute t-shirt and funky jacket.

Bottom half!
I would say for the bottom half either white ripped jeans (depending on what top you are wearing), skinny leg jeans or 2XU leggings. Leggings are great to bum around the house in or on the weekends.  My staple item is black skinny they go with everything.

I know shoes aren't always people's fave but come on you just have to wear them so I would say either adidas runners for the casual look or ankle boots to dress it up a bit.

A basic and easy winter outfit is a cool  black jumper, ripped jeans, and a grey scarf around the neck. Don't forget the messy bun or high pony!

To dress it up at night you don't even have to take your jeans off, just add a cute top and jacket, throw on some heels and add some cool earrings and you are good to go.

Please feel free to ask me  about anything and I will get back to you.
Hope that helped you with your winter outfits!
...Sie xo


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