Three really easy and fun diys

Hi Guys welcome back!!!
In this post I will be explaining three really easy DIY's!

This DIY is super easy and fun to play with.
What you need:
School glue
Food colouring
2 bowls
How to make it:
Step 1. First add 1 cup of glue into the bowl
Step 2. Add the same amount of water in the bowl
Step 3. Get a new bowl and put one cup of water in it
Step 4. Add one tea spoon of borax into the new bowl
Step 5. While stirring the first bowl slowly start to add what's in the second bowl to the first bowl and it should gradually turn into slime
Step 6. Add food colouring and glitter if you want that extra sparkle
Step 7. Keep working the slime in your hands folding it over and over on itself until you get the perfect consistency
Step 8. Keep it in an airtight container

IPhone holder!
This is a great DIY for your iPhone and it is very easy.
What you need:
A empty toilet roll
Washy tape
A pencil
Drawing pins (ones with plastic heads are the best)
A phone
How to make it:
Step 1. Messure the bottom length and width of your phone and draw it on the toilet roll (in the centre)
Step 2. Cut out the lines on the toilet roll (to create the gap where the phone slips into)
Step 3. Get washy tape and start wrapping it around the toilet roll but make sure you dont cover the hole you cut out
Step 5. Lie the roll down with the cut out section facing up and put pins in the bottom four corners (the pins hold the roll in place)
Step 6. Place your phone in the cut out section

Rock decorations!
These rock decorations are really easy and very cute. A great addition to any desk or book shelf.
What you need:
Clean rocks
Led pencil
Paint markers
Glitter hairspray (optional)
How to make them:
Step 1. Get your rocks and draw big patterns or lines on them
Step 2. Color in the lines or big patterns with the markers
Step 3. Spray with glitter hairspray for that extra sparkle

...Sie xo


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