Winter day and night makeup

Hi guys and welcome back again!!!
This blog post is about winter make up. Day makeup and night makeup.
The smokey face...
What to expect: Grey dark blue and black eyeshadow and light brown lip stick.

Night winter makeup!

First I would start with putting powder foundation on. Then add some dark bronzer. I wouldn't recommend adding blush because it's not really a wintery color. However if you feel washed out, add some blush. Leave the eyes and lips to last. For the eyes first add grey as that will be the base, then add a bit of shimmery black along the edges of the eye lids. Add a bit of blue to make it bluey black if you want more of a smokey look, For the lips I would put light brown on and then get some darker brown and blend them.

Day winter makeup!

First start with all the same foundation and bronzer as mentioned above, For the eyes it's similar, start by putting a lot of grey on the eyelid and then add light blue along the edges of the eye. On the top of the blue add some white shimmer eyeshadow. For the lips use a neutral nude color or just a plain lip balm.

Hope this gave you some winter ideas!!
...Sie xo


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